Dear Rosta, you have opened your eyes further to the beauty of Namibia with your outstanding knowledge of your adopted country. You have great empathy for the environment you live in. We have had a wonderful time and you have looked after us above and beyond your duty. Thanks for pulling up with our Australian sense of humor, we meant every word. We wish you well with your future endeavors.

Keith and Jenny, Australia


Dear Rosta, I cannot thank you enough for being such a great guide! You made my Namibian Experience all the better and I sincerely mean it. After hearing your story I have even more respect for you - and you deserve it even if nobody told you that. Just be yourself and do not try harder. No need for extra caffeine for extra energy or biting you finger nails for relieving the stress, your inner power is much more stronger than these. I hope to meet you again in Namibia in near future. All the best, with peace and love.

Serra, Turkey


Dear Rosta, thank you for organizing all so perfectly well during our stay in Namibia. It was one of the best journeys we have ever done. All the best.

Peter and Yolanda, Switzerland


Dear Rosta, our wish for you - may God bless and keep you always, may your wishes all come true, may you always do for others as others do for you. May you build a staircase to the Sun and climb on every rung, and may you stay forever young.

Vic and Janise, Australia


Dear Rosta, to the craziest guide in Namibia, thanks for making our holiday so special and showing us this wonderful country. It was wicked!

Kathy, England


Dear Rosta, you are remarkable guide with so much knowledge of flora, fauna and geology and you have given us a great introduction and insight to this wonderful country. You are bril!

Donald and Vivienne, Scotland


Dear Rosta, thank you very much for this unique adventure, driving us safely and keeping the car so clean, looking after all our missing goodies, explaining us all the wonders of the Namib Desert, being always in good temper, for your humor and pleasant company, not laughing at us when we asked you how the leopard-faced vulture looks like, or what is the difference between wildebeest and rhino. Oh my goodness, it was most probably the most beautiful, amazing, splendid, gorgeous, wonderful, magnificent, unbelievable, great, lovely, fanta-stic, coke-stic vacation! And you thought us that - Life is Great and that's for sure!

De Witt Family, Belgium 


Dear Rosta, we would like to thank you for a fantastic, breath taking, sensational journey through Namibia. You are great guide with lot of knowledge about Namibia. We learned lot and we will always remember that Life is Great!

Els, Belgium 


Dear Rosta, many thanks to an great guide who drove us through Namibia with security, who pampered us nicely during the whole journey and made us discover this beautiful country with enthusiasm. Rosta, you are the best! We hope that you will remember us as light version except the language of tourists you had to deal with. For your future we wish you to realize your dreams. For your off days, you will have finally time to rest on your sofa, read a book, perhaps about Skeleton Coast, eat some Belgian chocolate, drink ice cold Coke and think that Life is Great!

Annemie and Anouk, Luxembourg 


Dear Rosta, to the Land Rover man, thanks for making this holiday so wonderful with great company and the great country you are in. All the very best!

Nigel, England


Dear Rosta, thanks for inspiring us to dream by sharing his dream that come true, who took excellent care of us, made us wish to come back to Namibia, back to the dunes, to the desert and to the wilderness. Thank you very much for sharing this very special Namibian experience with us. God bless you, with all your dreams come true.

Hale, Turkey


Dear Rosta, as you always say Life is Great! You made our Namibian experience great! Thank you and cool bananas!

Sibel, Turkey


Dear Rosta, we loved Namibia and we will definitely come back to Skeleton Coast since you said it has changed your life! Thank you very much, with love.

Meltem, Turkey


Dear Rosta, thank you for a wonderful time in Namibia. We really had no idea what to expect and yet, every day has exceeded our expectations. As well as the tourist trail sight, we were also very lucky to see so many other things. The oryx that climbed down from behind the sand dune at Sossusvlei. We were introduced to sundowners at sunset - this will now become a daily ritual at home! The herd of desert-adapted elephants en route to Damaraland Camp, that we came upon by chance. The 11 hours rhino tracking at Desert Rhino Camp - but it really did not matter, because the landscape and views were so spectacular! And what can you say about the pride of lions and rhino and calf we saw at Ongava. In true style, you saved the best till last, with our visit in Skeleton Coast! We were welcomed to this God forsaken hell-hole, you were right, the best was at the end and how do you describe this magically inhospitable wilderness? We thank you so much for making our holiday so wonderful: we have been to so many new and incredible places and met some wonderful people along the journey, creating some everlasting memories. Thank you again, best wishes and happy travels, all our love.

Robert and Dawn, England 


Rosta is shabby, Rosta is keen, all Rosta wants is to keep his car clean. For Rosta the day has no meaning until he puts his hands on the steering wheel. He is up in the morning before it gets light, cleaning the windows with all his might. The seats are wiped down, our suitcases in, we have bottles of waters and sometimes Gin! The rougher the roads, the more he smiles, as he drives over boulders for miles and miles. And the only time we were seen Rosta cry was when he left his baby Land Rover and said good bye. Rosta has friends wherever we go, whether up in the hills, or the plains below. Who needs a tracker when Rosta is around? His keen eyes are checking the marks on the ground: there is oryx, rhino, springbok and kudu, elephants, lions and giraffe just for you. Rosta, what is that bird we can hardly see? It is lappet-faced vulture on mopane tree. At last he will relax at the end of the day with Champions League and ferrero rocher. Rosta is shabby, Rosta is keen. So, here what we say - forget the rest, Rosta is just the best of the best! Thank you for wonderful journey!

Fiona, England  


Hi all, this is a letter to let you know how much we were impressed by Rosta as our guide, driver and companion for two weeks. It is clear since he arrived in Namibia to take up his residency 11 years ago he has worked very hard to learn about the country, its history, the people, the various languages, as well as the fauna and flora of Namibia. We found him to be extremely knowledgeable and very willing to look up what he did not know. Throughout our trip he was always cheerful, courteous and ready to meet all our expectations. He is full of humour and this made the long drives very enjoyable. He is also great planner always making sure that everything was well under control for the following day. It was also vey apparent that he is very well known and liked among the people who worked in the various camps we stayed in. This says a lot about his personality and attitude. As a driver he was extremely safe and very good. He was very knowledgeable about the vehicle, although nothing went wrong in our vehicle. He was very solicitous about the appearance of the vehicle, constantly cleaning the windows, washing the vehicle and cleaning the insides of the vehicle. Considering the muddy quality of the roads during the rainy season this was quite an effort. But we always started off in the morning in a spotless vehicle and always had clean windows. For all these reasons we would unhesitatingly and enthusiastically refer him to you for future journeys. We have been in many trips but he ranks at the top. 

Chat and Ellen, USA    


To Rosta, the best guide we have ever had and all the best!

Amo Family, Italy


Dear Rosta, thanks a lot for this great journey! It was unforgettable and fantastic! We wish you all the best, less canadian guys and soon a swedish blond with the 5 C's.

Denise and Patricia, Switzerland


Dear Rosta, thanks for a great adventure, really enjoyed it and learned a lot. You are a great guide and lot of fun, and sorry for Mark bothering you so much. Enjoyed meeting you and spending the time. All the best. 

Eddie and Cyndi, Canada  


Dear Rosta, the whole Europe has the World Cup fever, it must be amaizng in Africa right now. I hope that you find some times to watch some of the games. We love to remember the great time we had in Namibia and able to share it with you and Fiona. The journey will remain unforgettable and who knows, maybe we will return to Namibia one day. We wish you all the best and much pleasure with your work in Namibia. With my warmest regards.

Agnes, Switzerland


Rosta, thanks for an experience of a lifetime! The zebra is my favourite animal, as they are playful and beautiful and wild. You have surpassed all our expectations and dreams. This has been an experience of a lifetime and we had the best guide in the world. Yes, you are the best! Thanks for being and creating our memories. We will remember our experience of our journey and are very blessed to have had you you as our guide and we will never forget you. We admire the compassion in you work and the joy in your spirit. Thanks for caring for all of our specific needs. Thanks for crossing our path in life and making an imprint on our hearts. You are special person, God has blessed you and may you continue to bless others with your knowledge, wisdom, humour, caring and sharing. Live your dreams Rosta, with heart felt thanks. Live, love, laugh, God bless you.

Mark and Tracy, Canada


Hi Rosta, it has been some time since we returned and I think I have finally dug myself out from under emails. Does not sound very exciting does it? Not at least as exciting as your past few weeks have been, I am sure. You have the best job, in the best place, and am very jealous! I just wanted to go to Africa since I was little and saw my first episode of Audubon Wildlife Theatre. What you shared with us was beyond my expectations. I had no idea that in the space of a few days I would see soaring mountains, towering sand dunes, and desolate coastline. Not to mention the desert-adapted this and that I think I may have also spotted the ellusive desert-adapted Czech. I was completely mesmerized and fell hopelessly under Namibia's spell and can not wait to return.

Cyndi, Canada


Hi there, we have just returned from our journey in Namibia. The journey was splendidly organized from start to finish. The camps were all very different but all first class with excellent staff who made our stay memorable, seeing desert-adapted elephants by fullmoon light, and I celebrated my 65 birthday at the Skeleton Coast with a cake and staff singing happy birthday, a memorable day. We tracked rhino and met with some great people, not forgetting one armed Chris with his one eyed dog who seemed to appear as if by magic from the very desert itself. The man I must commend to you was our guide Rosta, this man is great geologist, historian, horticulturist, animals/birds/mammals expert and to cap it all, has a sence of humor second to none, he is the Kurtz of Conrad's Novel, he is the sort of chap that will go that bit further to make holiday special. Should we wish to travel in southern Africa at a future date we would request a blonde haired Czechoslovak guide who supports Arsenal and makes holidays Fantastic.

Mick and Rita, England 


Rosta, we were both delighted with our holiday and to learn so much from you about the scenery, flora and fauna of your adopted country. All the best for the future.

Keith and Betty, England  

Dear Rosta,

We had a fantastic time in Namibia! We loved the country, the people, the parks, the animals, all the places we stayed in and the hospitality of everyone. We also had a family trip like never before: it will stay in our hearts forever. And all the time we had you as friend and companion, fantastic guide and great person that we enjoyed to be with. You have made our holiday very special!  Thank you! 

Carlos, Jessica, Marta, Kiko and Gui, Macau 

I genuinely believe that Rosta is the finest exponent at his job I have ever met. And I told him so in person. Most people, myself included, no matter how competent almost always have room for improvement at their vacation. But I struggle to imagine how Rosta could improve his game. He was flawless in his all-encompassing service. He thought of, and took care of everything for us. He quickly tuned in to the type of people Francesca and I are, how we preferred to travel and which types of experience were important to us, and delivered the tour with that in mind. He is tremendous person, and an asset to the industry. So many thanks for arranging everything for us. 

Gavin and Francesca, Australia   

Dear Rosta, we thank you for all you have done on this trip. So much was for beyond what is usual. Your enthusiasm for your adopted country is very apparent and it made us more enthused about Namibia also on returning to Namibia and I hope to have you as our guide again.

Deb and Stan, England 

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